Pose Story Yoga: Yoga & Yoga Trapeze

Pose Story Yoga: Yoga & Yoga Trapeze


Pose Story Yoga Studio is Currently CLOSED

All of you have helped to create what has always been a dream of mine. This studio has been so much more than the classes, It has been about the community that you have created. When we started this journey back in the Spring of 2021, we wanted to offer Yoga to people so that they had a place to practice without having to travel to Lexington and also at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. As the years have gone by, so have the challenges in keeping prices affordable while covering all of our expenses. We have been so blessed with having both Monika and Kristi in helping make Pose Story Yoga into a safe and nurturing space to learn and grow. However, due to our small community, there have been struggles in  attracting and encouraging enough students to practice with us and hiring more teachers, thus being unable to hire admin staff to grow and succeed as a business in this current economic environment.  This has placed a strain on both myself and my husband physically, mentally, and financially. After much talk and prayer, we have decided to transition Pose Story Yoga from a daily studio into something that is less frequent. We are not quite sure what that looks like, whether that is a quarterly Yoga workshop, or an annual Yoga retreat, or an annual festival. But, we will still be around. Our virtual library will also be growing and transitioning. As this takes place, we will let everyone know. I am so grateful to everyone that has taken a chance on a small studio in Wilmore. You have given to me so much more than I could have ever imagined. Your support, love, and willingness to learn and grow with me has meant so much. I am excited about what Pose Story Yoga can become in the future and that is only because of you. I will update you as things transpire.

Blessings and Namaste,

Stephanie Wier

Pose Story Yoga