New Student Info

New Student Info


No matter if this is your first time doing Yoga or just your first time attending classes with us,

make sure you are ready for an amazing class by following these few things:

1. Create a new student account with us online.

We want to get to know you. In order to purchase or book classes, you need to signup first.

All students must have their own account including minors.

Students 13 and under must have a guardian attend class with them.

(If you need help, please show up early before class and we will get you set up.)

2. Purchase a Single Class or Class Pack or Membership

You can also pay per class, purchase a pack of classes, or an unlimited monthly membership.

Please log into your account and add your Credit Card information.

If you purchase a single class, you will have the option to upgrade your purchase after class to a 5 pack (pay $46 more to upgrade to a 5 pack-you will get 4 more credits) or upgrade to a 10 pack (pay $98 more to upgrade to a 10 pack-you will get 9 more credits).

You must purchase a single class, class pack, or membership to sign up for a class.*

Please book your spot online prior to your arrival.

*(If you need to cancel your class, make sure to cancel online prior to 90 minutes before the start of class time to avoid no show fees or loss of class. All credits will expire April 27th, 2024.)

3. Show up in plenty of time to relax, talk with us, and for a short tour.

Studio opens 20 minutes before each class.

For the respect and safety of yourself and others, doors lock at the start of each class time. Please make sure to arrive before the start of class.

4. Bring a mat and water for class.

If you don’t have one, you can always borrow one of our mats. You can purchase a bottle of water once you arrive if needed also. Any other props needed for class will be provided.

5. Help to keep yourself and others healthy.

If you are feeling unwell, please stay home and take care of yourself.

If you use one of our mats, blocks, or trapezes, please make sure to wipe them down with the spray and rags provided at the end of class.

Make sure to cancel your spot 90 minutes prior to the start of a class to get your credit back or not be charged a late fee (if you are on the Unlimited Monthly Membership).

6. Leave personal items in your car or in cubby.

Take only a mat, towel, and water into class. If you have other personal items, please store them in a cubby.

(It is distracting to hear someone’s phone beep or ring. We ask that you silence your phone and leave it in the cubbies provided.)

7. Just breathe.

It is not about making every pose perfect, it’s about you and listening to your body not only in the way it is made, but in how you are feeling today.

If you are just starting a Yoga Trapeze practice, it is normal to feel light headed or a little nauseous. It usually passes after 3 classes, but always listen to your body.

8. Get Involved.

We need community to go through life. This is true even more so with a Yoga practice.

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